The energy system is evolving, and TSOs are at the centre of accelerating technological innovation. New grid equipment technologies, innovative modelling methods, and grid architecture are needed to follow up on the objectives of a secure, sustainable, and competitive internal energy market. ENTSO-E coordinates innovation activities of TSOs to ensure that the future grid is up to the challenge.

This report assesses the research and development activities performed by TSOs and partners, within the ­context of the R&D Roadmap 2013 – 2022.

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The main objective of this report is to inform stakeholders – regulators, European and national institutions, and distribution system operators to name but a few – about recent R&D activities and to disseminate knowledge. Furthermore, it allows TSOs to ­monitor their progress in pursuing the objectives set by the R&D Roadmap 2013 – 2022. Based on this ­information, ENTSO-E will write the specifications for the R&D Implementation Plan 2017 – 2019 and ­define a new update of the R&D Roadmap, which is planned to be published in 2016.


The report begins with background information on the monitoring process and concentrates on overall recent R&D achievements, deployment potential, gap analyses, and recommendations for subsequent years. The report concludes with details on recent R&D achievements for each cluster and the complete results from the project surveys in Appendix 1 (enclosed in the download PDF), and information on each project in Appendix 2 (enclosed in the download PDF).